Firefighter Steve


Today we had a really exciting visit from Firefighter Steve! He talked to us about his job and we got to try on his fireman’s helmet.

We asked lots of interesting questions and have spent the day pretending to be firefighters!

Love from Class 2 xxx



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Homemade Playdough


2 cups of plain flour

1 cup of salt

2 cups of water

1 tablespoon of cream of tartar

1 tablespoon of oil

Food colouring (optional)

Food flavouring (optional)

Place all ingredients into a microwavable bowl and mix well.

Place in microwave for 1 minute, stir well. Cook for a further minute.

It should congeal in a fairly gluey lump.

Then cook for a further 2 minutes, stirring well after every 30 seconds – the mixture will begin to come together to form a dough. When it looks like it has come together enough, take out and allow to cool (it will continue to cook once removed so don’t over cook).

Once cool enough to touch, knead well to form a smooth dough.

Have fun!

Mrs Boroughs

*glitter can be added after the playdough has been cooked.

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Good morning! We hope everyone had a great half term break. I know many families have had quite a hectic week!

We have started this last half term with a wham bam! On Monday, we had such an exciting experience in the space dome. The children were amazed by the sheer size of the doom even before we went inside. We learned a lot about stars and the planets, the moon and astronauts.

Yesterday, the excitement continued with Lucy’s mum and little sister bringing in their et gecko, Godzilla. The children were really interested especially when it came to stroke or hold him. We knew not to hold on to his tail as Lucy’s mum explained that it could drop off and not grow again. Here are some photos.

Godzilla 006   Godzilla 009  Godzilla 008  Godzilla 011  Godzilla 013

Our many thanks to Lucy’s mum and little sister Amy

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Wow what a busy day!

fWe had such an exciting day today! To start us off, Adrian’s mum came into school to share the similarities and differences of Bulgaria and England. The children have been talking to their friends about Bulgaria ever since. They have remembered lots of different things – the colours of the flag and what they represent, that children do not go to school until they are seven years old, that there are many festivals where people dress up in bright costumes and that there is a different alphabet too!! We also enjoyed the special bread that Adrian’s mum baked for us. .

Fav places and Bulgaria 038  Fav places and Bulgaria 039

Fav places and Bulgaria 040  Fav places and Bulgaria 043

Fav places and Bulgaria 046  Fav places and Bulgaria 050

Our grateful thanks to Adrian’s mum.

In the afternoon, we celebrated raising the most money in the smartie tubes. Shipmates bought the fruit that Handa placed in the basket (Handa’s Surprise) and the children made fruit salad. Children were very careful to cut the fruit up into small chunks with sharp knives. We ended today by eating the fruit salad. I didn’t realize how delicious passion fruit is – that will have to go on my weekly list now!!

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Happy Easter

We began the afternoon with our egg rolling competition. We rolled our eggs down the hill and Mrs Mackenzie and Mrs Westbrook marked the egg that travelled furthest.  I have to say that my egg rolled a dismal few centimetres before grinding to a halt!!!!

We came  back inside to enjoy some hot cross buns. They were very yummy!!

Here are some photos of our egg rolling.    A very happy Easter to everyone.

egg rolling and Joshua'scert 004egg rolling and Joshua'scert 006egg rolling and Joshua'scert 005egg rolling and Joshua'scert 007

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Rubber ball keeps bouncing back to me!

——– or do they????

The children had the balls out this afternoon and practised bouncing them so that they could catch them again. At first, the balls kept rolling away! However, the children didn’t give up and their skills of bouncing so that they and then others could catch them improved in a very short period of time. It was lovely to hear their giggles and screams of achievements as they played with the large balls.

What a lovely time in the sunshine this afternoon. The children were not happy with me when I said it was time to go in!!

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The children are really enjoying our topic of Superheroes. They have drawn their own superhero. They chose a name for him or her and then decided which powers they would have. This led them to drawing up plans to show how they would make these super powers. Yesterday and today children have referred back to their plans and have chosen resources with which to make their gadgets.

What lively imaginations and super finger control to assemble their ideas!

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World Book Day

The children looked great dressed in their costumes of characters from stories. They were excited to talk about who they had dressed up as to come to school today. Early Years had a parade in the Hall to show their costumes. We then heard a bell which signalled “a stop everything and have a read” time. Luckily Mrs Doe had brought her story book with her when we heard the first bell. (We were still in the Hall at the parade! Mrs Doe saved the day and read her story “The cow who laid an egg”.

We took some photos which show the fun the children had reading and sharing books..

World book day 003  World book day 010

World book day 011  World book day 012

World book day 013   World book day 014

World book day 016    World book day 020

We love reading stories!

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You can’t catch us, we’re the gingerbread men!!

We started this new half term in great form. We baked the most delicious gingerbread men although I’m sure you didn’t get chance to taste even little bit. Before we could bake, the children had to weigh out ingredients. We used weighing scales where we put the weights on one side and the ingredients on the other side. The children were really good at telling me when there was too much or not enough! Weighing out the butter was quite interesting especially when it stuck to the spoon

Well done bakers!

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Money Fortnight

Class 2 have been so busy in Money Fortnight – thinking of ways to raise money, writing shopping lists, shopping and making tasty delights to sell at the market. Here are a few photos to show some of the things we did.

money money 002  money money 004

money money 005  money money 010money money 011money money 015

The market gave  us experience of buying and selling – taking money for our goods and giving change.

We now need to count all our hard earned money to see if we have made a profit!!! We will let you know how much class 2 made soon!!!

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