Money Fortnight

What a busy week we have had!

We made cakes to sell and our dough disco was so well attended on Thursday and Friday. I would like to hank you for being such good sports and joining in the fun ………… and our pot of £5 is growing well. We are going to make ice lollies to sell at the school market on Wednesday. Here are some pictures taken during this week.

cooking 002  cooking 003

cooking 005  cooking 006P1000182  P1000186

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Oh little town of Wickford–a very happy Christmas

Class 2 have made us feel very proud this week. They have worked so hard and their part in the Christmas play is just wonderful. It is not easy to remember when you come in and what you do and when you join the rest of the nativity. We have twinkly stars, searching shepherds and a great donkey that carries Mary and Joseph to the stable. We hope that you enjoyed the play and we wish you and your family a peaceful and happy Christmas.


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Fireworks are great!

The children were talking about fireworks – about the sounds they make and the colours that explode in the sky.They moved to music to show the different movements of fireworks. The children were so creative and had so many ideas. We then thought of as many words that we could to describe fireworks These words helped us write our class poem      ……………………and here it is!!

Yellow stars

Bangs afar

Swish, swish, swish

Splat, splot

Pink cat

Dot, dot, dot

Whoosing, hooting

Vrrrmmm, shooting

Bang, bang, bang

Wuzzz, puzzz

Guzzz, huzzz

Wheeee, Wheeee Wheeee

                                                                              by Class Two

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Hair cut madam?

We have just opened our hairdressing salon in our role play area. The children helped decide what things we needed in the salon.They decide how much the styles cost and \i must say I will have to save my pennies before I can afford to go to “Clever Combs”Here are a few photos to give a hint of what fun we have in our new role play

.hairdressers 001  hairdressers 004hairdressers 007hairdressers 005hairdressers 006

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Your children are just wonderful. I go home every day and say “wow, wow wow” The children are working so hard that they know the first words and sounds. look out for the robots. They are coming home today!

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What a wonderful start!

The children are settling into school so well and are getting to grips with where things are and the general routine. They are so keen to join in with the different activities and their tidying away is a credit to you! (I can already hear some of you saying, “Well they don’t do that here at home!!)

Here are a few photos of children engaged in “busy hands”

DSCF0013  DSCF0012

DSCF0010  DSCF0016

DSCF0014   DSCF0007

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Pirates ahoy

Yesterday, we made some pirate cookies. We talked about how some food needs to be stored to be eaten on another day – just like pirates had to!! Today, though the tantalizing smell of cookies could not be overlooked anymore so we had to eat them!!!When I asked if we should have a pirate snack, one of the children said it had to be fish. She explained that that’s what the pirates would probably have had as they sailed the oceans blue. SO’…….. we had fish and chips. The children then had to solve the problem because I only had a flat piece of greased proof paper and the fish and chips would roll off! It was suggested that we could make a cone to carry the fish and chips in.

After the fish and chips we had our pirate cookies. They were delicious. We ended the afternoon with a modern take on the pirate hornpipe!!!

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All afloat–……or is it?

This week we have been testing different materials to see which would be best to make a boat. The children eagerly tried things out – as their soggy sleeves testify!!! We had some very interesting ideas but eventually it was decided that wood and plastic would be good as they floated and any toys on board would keep relatively dry. A little later in the week the children will make their boat to cross the water tray . I wonder which one will carry most cargo? We will let you know!

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We have really enjoyed looking at the story “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and used it for a base of our learning across the curriculum. Children’s imagination came to the fore when we created a dance to tell the tory through movement. Children decided which instruments were best to use for the different parts – the cabasa “will make a good munching sound”. My only regret was that I didn’t video it.

Children again used their imaginations to create a butterfly using natural objects they found in the outside classroom. They recalled that they should make it symmetrical too!!  What super stars your children are!

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We had a treat today when we went to Forest School. We were walking through when we came across pockets of wild bluebells. A child very excitedly said “look at those ding dong flowers” as she found the bluebells. We all think that this is a much better name! The children found out a lot about shadows – how they are made and where they fall on the ground. We also noticed that it was more difficult to see the sky today. Children had to really think hard to work out that the new leaves on the trees were creating this canopy.


IMG_2022  Look carefully. can you see the snail?


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