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Posted by on 09/06/2016

Good morning! We hope everyone had a great half term break. I know many families have had quite a hectic week!

We have started this last half term with a wham bam! On Monday, we had such an exciting experience in the space dome. The children were amazed by the sheer size of the doom even before we went inside. We learned a lot about stars and the planets, the moon and astronauts.

Yesterday, the excitement continued with Lucy’s mum and little sister bringing in their et gecko, Godzilla. The children were really interested especially when it came to stroke or hold him. We knew not to hold on to his tail as Lucy’s mum explained that it could drop off and not grow again. Here are some photos.

Godzilla 006   Godzilla 009  Godzilla 008  Godzilla 011  Godzilla 013

Our many thanks to Lucy’s mum and little sister Amy

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