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Posted by on 03/03/2015

hey tell us that spring is here but when we were at forest school yesterday it was very very very cold and windy!! However the children didn’t seem to notice and they battled on against the wind without a comment –however, their little pink noses and cheeks told of a spring that is yet to come.

If you have been over to the Memorial Park you will probably know how muddy it is in the woods. One little boy called out for help cos “I’m stuck”Without looking carefully I said Oh come on you can do it! He said “I really can’t you know” When I looked, his wellies were sinking by the second!! I quickly braved the thick gooey mud and helped him out. “ Oh thank you, you rescued me just in time!!” I told my husband I was Superwoman  but he wasn’t quite as  impressed as my sinking little friend!!

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