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Wow what a busy day!

Posted by on 09/05/2016

fWe had such an exciting day today! To start us off, Adrian’s mum came into school to share the similarities and differences of Bulgaria and England. The children have been talking to their friends about Bulgaria ever since. They have remembered lots of different things – the colours of the flag and what they represent, that children do not go to school until they are seven years old, that there are many festivals where people dress up in bright costumes and that there is a different alphabet too!! We also enjoyed the special bread that Adrian’s mum baked for us. .

Fav places and Bulgaria 038  Fav places and Bulgaria 039

Fav places and Bulgaria 040  Fav places and Bulgaria 043

Fav places and Bulgaria 046  Fav places and Bulgaria 050

Our grateful thanks to Adrian’s mum.

In the afternoon, we celebrated raising the most money in the smartie tubes. Shipmates bought the fruit that Handa placed in the basket (Handa’s Surprise) and the children made fruit salad. Children were very careful to cut the fruit up into small chunks with sharp knives. We ended today by eating the fruit salad. I didn’t realize how delicious passion fruit is – that will have to go on my weekly list now!!

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